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Climate Change

[some rough notes]

Climate change is real:

Our economic system is broken w.r.t. Climate Change:

Our political system is broken w.r.t Climate Change

  • Individuals vote for personal interests within the time scale of elections
  • Short term individual, constituency and country interests are best served by exploitation of others
  • Climate change is a global problem, there is no World Government to look after global issues
  • Politicians aren't trusted, we have Fake News and Project Fear

We need to act but have failed to do so:

Personal expenditure is a reasonable proxy for damage done:

  • What we spend goes on raw materials (finite), fuel (emissions) and people (who spend on raw materials and fuel)

Action is hard because this is a complex problem that will radically change peoples lives:

We need a plan that is acceptable to all:

  • Most people think that they are hard done by already, so won't take more hardship
  • Some pain now is better than wars later

Quick changes that can help (but not fix):

  • Spend a lot less
  • Adopt a plant based diet (vegan to semi-vegetarian) - watch Cowspiracy
  • Eliminate personal food waste - if you've chosen to get it to your house then eat it
  • Reduce fuel usage (transport and home utilities)

Entrepreneurial ideas:

  • Green bank account: Classify all expenditure, auto calculate C02e, pay offsets.
  • Push for “don't spend now, retire early”
  • Push for extending GAYE to donations to verified Climate Change organisations

Don't believe that it will be easy to halt global warming, (e.g. 100 solutions to reverse global warming) - not only have we made no progress in reducing emissions so far, we are continually making things worse. We've failed so far and don't even have a good plan for efficient action before it's too late. Go back to this calculator and see if you can personally hit the target.

If you think I've been overly pessimistic, remember that halting global warming is the easy problem. Getting to carbon neutrality does nothing about the poisons we've already released. The warming that has already happened could release a lot more greenhouse gasses from melting tundra, the loss of the Arctic ice cap will result in more warming because snow reflects sunlight well, and the carbon dioxide that has entered our oceans is causing acidification and killing coral reefs. Even if we could go way beyond carbon neutrality to a magical zero emissions we have to tackle the significant problems we've already created.

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