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-===== Hunted ===== 
-[[https://​​programmes/​hunted|Hunted]] is a novel and highly acclaimed Channel 4 series where a dozen people have to avoid capture by The Hunters for about 4 weeks. ​ Wikipedia has a great [[wp>​Hunted_(2015_TV_series)|summary page]]. 
-We live in a surveillance society. ​ Our biggest companies (e.g. Facebook and Google) thrive from our private data.  It is quite likely that the Brexit vote hinged on illegal use of Facebook, [[https://​​programmes/​brexit-the-uncivil-war|Brexit:​ The Uncivil War]] is well worth watching. 
-We also live beyond our means in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, acidification of our oceans, plastic pollution, generation of nuclear waste and many other nasties. ​  We are in the middle of the [[wp>​Holocene_extinction|Sixth Mass Extinction]] which is likely to include our species. ​ [[https://​|Extinction Rebellion]] exist to wake everyone up to the [[https://​​environment/​2019/​jan/​25/​our-house-is-on-fire-greta-thunberg16-urges-leaders-to-act-on-climate|emergency]]. 
-Is it possible to live a private and sustainable life whilst staying online? ​ I've applied to [[http://​|take part]] in Series 5 and hopefully will get to find out - even if I don't get a place this year I've enjoyed finding out how hard it is to [[portable_off-grid_power|generate your own power]] and run [[mobile_linux|computers from it]]. 
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