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Fake SD card RAID

This is not a good idea. I'm not sure why I even did it, except of course the the vendors of fake SD cards cause a lot of unnecessary pain and it would be good if they were reported.

Using your normal eBay account buy:

Right - that should have cost less than £7.

For maximum impact, set up another eBay account (they are okay with it) and buy the cheap micro SD cards you see. Here are some examples:

They are all fake. Test them with:

Only get them from local sellers, it all takes too long otherwise, plus local sellers are more complient when confrunted.

Take a screen shot of the output, open a “item does not seem genuine” case on eBay, demand 100% refund immedaitely. Rince and repeat. I've foudn it faster two buy two at once - that way it's more convinnving that the fake card was not a one off failure but fraud.

You can report all the sellers as fake - especially if you set up an account to do this.

Now, fix up the cards, find the min and configure as RAID like this:

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