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Green Party Policy

Getting started

This document was written by a concerned individual who supports the ZC2030 policy and wanted to help. They started knowing very little and wrote this document as they got up to speed in order that others may do so faster.

ZC2030 is formal party policy, it was adopted by the Autumn 2017 conference and can be viewed at The Climate Emergency Policy Working Group exists to make this happen. We have a working space at The Climate Emergency Policy Working Group will report progress to the next two conferences (Autumn 2019 and Sping 2020).

The first phase of work, “how can we achieve ZC2030”, has been completed and is based around the “Energy Policy Model” that can be found at It is based on the prior work “CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY BACKGROUND PAPER Version 17” (2017) at

The second phase of work is to engage with all the other Policy Working Groups to make this happen. A list of Policy working groups can be found at and the status of the engagement is documented at

The form of the engagement is roughly:

  • understand what our policy well enough to represent it
  • make contact with the other working groups - initially through the coordinator and then get invited to some of their meetings
  • ensure the other working groups understand what is being asked of them - we speak with the authority of conference
  • work with them in some way so that they can meet our requirements - we have to emphasise the need for speed
  • many Policy Working Groups have an established policy approach which typically assumes that slow change is the best we can hope for. An 2030 timescale requires a different approach as does the stringency of the ZC2030 target. It will often fall to us to propose and progress necessary policy change
  • monitor and report back the status of the other working groups

We intend to complete this phase at the end of December 2019.

Climate Change Policy

Energy Policy Working Group

Tax and Fiscal policy

Gap tasks

There is a liberal democrats ZC policy - by 2045 but fast immediately.

Industry gap. I've volunteered!

aviation speed limits on roads retrofits on houses more wind power

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