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House base load

location load/W notes
All off 0 sanity check
All lights 1 all lights were off
2nd floor 26 PC in base suspend mode
(additional) 23 PC shutdown
(additional) 103 PC up and idle
(additional) 180 PC up and running
Kitchen and Leo 15 Includes Leo's 2 Wii and projector
1st floor LHS 1 Not sure what this does - smoke alarms?
1st floor RHS 48 Covers old sockets on 1st floor
(additional) 34 With all visible turned off, including Imersion Heater
Studio 23 Hayley has a 5W or 10W piano heater plus music, etc
All on 109-123 compatible with 26 + 15 + 1 + 48 + 23 = 113

So the big question is what is consuming the 34W I can't find? Over a year it's 300kWH, or about £40 - not worth a call out.

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