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Planting Land

Possible locations:

Questions that need to be answered:

  • What is the ground like? What fraction is boggy, pure rock, etc? Ultimately, what fraction can grow trees?
  • What are the boundaries? Are they well demarked with wall/fences or just by contract?
  • Habitation:
    • Floor plan: Number of bedrooms, etc?
    • Running water: If so from where?
    • Electricity: Are there any established solar/wind?
    • Sanitation: Inside/outside? Septic tank?
    • Insulation: 3/4 seasons?
    • Internet: Where is the nearest line-of-sight location that has internet (be that 2G/3G wireless or broadband)?
  • Access:
    • What is the standard access?
    • What is the exceptional access?
  • Neighbours: What do they use land for?
  • What similar plots are available?
  • Who else is doing similar stuff?

Specifically the savills property:


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