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 +===== Public Science =====
 +Main idea:  Allow the public to contribute data and extract correlations. ​
 +Allow anyone to propose a potential correlation,​ e.g. "​eating garlic correlates with reduced arthritic pain"​. ​  ​Define a real value for "​arthritis severity"​ and have a set of compulsory variables, ones that everyone has to fill in (also real valued). ​ System learns correlations and confidences and recomputes daily/​weekly with alerts on any findings. Seondary inputs are allowed, these are anything else we know about the user due to general metadata supplied (e.g. age, gender, race) or other experiments participated in.
 + (and all tlds)​.org
 +Blind data
 +Big problem with anonymity - can't do exact post codes, day/month of birth. ​ Only reveal subsets that have potential correlations.
 +Force email address to be one of a dozen few resenders, like ​ Dissallow any questions like day and month of birth, exact postcode.
 +year of birth
 +How is your health in general? ​
 +weekly exercise
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