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The Pennine Way

The Pennine Way is a 268 mile National Trail along the UK Pennines between Edale and Kirk Yetholm.

Completing the Pennine Way, however you choose to do it, is a challenge. These pages aim to help you with that challenge by bringing together the many sources of useful information that are available. The aim is not to duplicate information, just to point to everything from one place.

Web Sites

Facebook has an incredibly friendly and supportive commumity Pennine Way Walkers. This is the place to go for current information, who is walking, what's the latest status on accomodation, route changes, supplies or anything else.

The National Trail's Pennine Way is the official web site. It has a very useful interactive OS map.

Wikipedia's Pennine Way provides a great factual summary of the walk.

The Pennine Way Association existed from 1971 to 2015. The site still contains a lot of useful information.


Camping Grounds

Hostels, B+Bs, Pubs and Hotels


Packing lists

Contact and Updates

Please help us make this site better. You may email one-off additions and corrections. If you'd like to discuss or edit this site or then please both register and also post to Pennine Way Walkers.